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Rallo Pucci  is currently in the studio and working on their brand new album  and set to be released in the fall of  2018

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Rallo Pucci is based in Sarasota, Florida and was formed by a group of professional  musicians. This 6-piece band has a unique repertoire, tight performance, and polished vocals .Their wide variety of songs appeals to all ages and genres.
They offer an array of talent that blends musical genres and upbeat sounds that continue to elevate the pulse and fill the dance floor.  The group generates excitement as they are on the cusp of recording and launching an album of original songs, many of which are shared with their audience, who reciprocates with jubilant applause.  

Rallo Pucci

Meet the Band

Ben  Moses – Vocals-Lead Guitar

Gerald (G-Man) Boyce – Bass Guitar

Barry  Knoth – Rhythm -2nd Lead Guitar

Billy Iwanicki  –  Keyboards, Vocals

Shelly Maxwell – Vocals

Craig Hancock- Drums-Vocals